Our specialities

Are you a busy person with a VERY busy lifestyle in desperate need to escape from your fast paced routines and schedules?

Let us CREATE and CONNECT you to your ideal holiday package so you can purely slow down, re-connect and enjoy. We’ll save you time and stress by handling every last detail, making the planning so easy all you need to do is pack!


We absolutely love working with busy, engaged couples who are usually so focused on the wedding, they don’t even think about their honeymoon! 

We will meticulously plan your dream honeymoon to your dream destination. Taking care of every last detail, we piece together your honeymoon freeing up your time to focus on and enjoy your wedding planning.

You will absolutely love your honeymoon! We tailor it to exactly how you picture it and rest assured, we are experts at getting you the best possible deal.

How about opening a honeymoon registry for your wedding guests? This makes it easy for your guest’s to contribute towards your dream honeymoon so you’re not stuck with another kettle as a gift – there is only so many toasters a couple need! 

We work with busy families who are burnt out from everyday work and schedules create stress free holiday experiences. We can help you find your ideal holiday destination so you can rest, relax and reconnect with each other and ensure you all come away with amazing, lasting memories. We handle every last detail so that you don’t waste any time trying to piece together itineraries trying to suit everyone, PLUS, you get the best possible rates.
We work with seniors who are searching for experiences to tick off your bucket list and want to ensure your holiday is all pieced together for you making it a very easy process. We’ll take care of all the details and ensure you get the best deals possible so you can simply pack and enjoy your amazing travelling experience.
We work together with people that LOVE cruising and have access to deals and upgrades exclusive to Connected Travel ensuring you get the best deal possible. We plan extraordinary cruise adventures for you, piece together your whole journey and handle every last detail ensuring you can just pack your cases and enjoy your cruise.
We work with every kind of group; whether it is a Sporting Group, Study Tour, Corporate Conference, Academic Trip or any other personal group holiday. We save you time and take the hard work away from you co-ordinating the entire itinerary, ensuring the finer details are all taken care of as well negotiate the best possible rates for your group. We have you covered!

Are you interested?

What are you waiting for – let us piece together your next holiday!


Tell Us Your Ideas and we will Plan & Refine

Share your dreams and goals for your next adventure with us. If you do not have specifics, get inspiration by the trip ideas and packages on our website or we can help with recommendations. Listening to every details, we will research and design your trip into a detailed itinerary and we will keep perfecting your itienrary until we have made perfected it and you are happy and ready to book.

Book and prepare before you depart

After you have booked your ideal package with us, we will begin working and guiding you on the finer details to help you prepare for your trip. After final payment has been made you will receive an information package along with your tickets and vouchers. Throughout the process you can contact us with any questions you have.

Ongoing Travel Support

Our service continues while you are travelling and should you need our assistance you can easily reach us by phone, e-mail, text or Facebook Messenger. You can purely focus on your travelling experience and creating those memories.



Utilise the many connections our team have made throughout the years, and book your own way.