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Marissa Spinks

Marissa Spinks


Marissa specialises in family holiday packages and group/event holidays. She has a particular interest in tailoring Europe and America itineraries.


Are you searching for a holiday to escape your daily, fast paced routine?  You've come to the right place.

Does this sound like you?

Wake up. Rush to get the kids ready and run out the door. Fight the commute to work. Sit in front of a desk for 8 hours, eating lunch at your desk or on the run. Dashing out to pick up your children before the bell followed by popping into the grocery store to get dinner. Rushing back home to follow the same afternoon and nightly routine. Then, collapsing in exhaustion on the couch for A LITTLE "ME" TIME!

I can help you ESCAPE the rat race...  

...slow down, explore the world and take that well deserved break! I will make your TRAVEL EASY by handling every last detail saving you precious time. Based on your wish list I'll plan your dream holiday so all you'll need to do is just pack and enjoy! 

I started my travel career in 2005 working for a large retail travel agency. It wasn’t long before I was managing a store, expanding my business skills and of course, still finding the time to travel.

Working for a large retail brand had its limitations which did not fit with my personal values or vision. I wanted to work closely with people, who have a busy lifestyle, piecing together and connecting them to their PERFECT HOLIDAY.

Steering my passion further, I opened a franchise which continued for 7 years. My business, along with my family grew during these years. We were blessed with 2 beautiful girls, a dog and a cat - not simultaneously!

Then, as life settled & a routine was building, something was still missing.

I wanted to empower everyone within my realms to travel and ensure I made it so EASY for them. I wanted to build a team of travel experts with experience in consulting and specialising in different travelling styles & destinations. It was extremely important to ensure this network of agents all shared my very same passion - to piece together journeys that are personal and individualised to each traveller and making their travel easy. 

In addition, I really wanted to ensure that those travellers who felt confident booking online could do so but with safe and reputable online agencies! I needed to make sure they still received personalised guidance throughout their ENTIRE holiday by having a point of contact readily available if needed.  

So it is true, in 2017 I gave birth again, but this time I call it CONNECTED TRAVEL!

Lynn Barraclough

Lynn Barraclough

Administration & Finance Manager

Lynn is our backbone – keeping all the finances in check, compiling your travel documents and all things administration is what she is best at!

Meet Lynn

I want to make your travel journey as easy as possible so that you have time for all of the experiences on offer to you!

With all of the hustle in today’s everyday, we forget to take care of ourselves, step away from technology and really appreciate life and the people around us.

One of my passions is yoga, and through this I have learnt that we need to slow down and live fully in the moment, so that we can get the most out of our lives. I believe everyone should be able to experience new and interesting places, take time out to appreciate and reconnect with our family and friends, and most importantly – reconnect with yourself!

Helping people to do this through travel, making it easy to get you to your desired destination and taking care of the little things is what I love to do. This leaves you free to be fully present on your journey and soak up every experience on offer.

Let us spoil you with a fantastic travel adventure that you truly deserve.

Kellie Growcott

Travel Agent

Kellie is our USA expert and she clasifies the US as her second home! She travels back and forth at least twice a year and can give you tips and advice that you won’t be able to find in a book!

Meet Kellie

Travelling is what I love to do. Helping people is what I love to do. Combining them together ensures your holiday is perfect for you.